First exclusive series of 5 NFTs



Our experts have sourced the best historical coins on the market.

Year: 1898
Metal: Silver
Weight: 6.75 gr

Maria Luigia

Year: 1815
Manufacturing: Parma
Metal: Gold
Weight: 12.90 gr


Year: 1925
Manufacturing: NC
Metal: Gold
Weight: 7.98 gr


Year: 1908
Manufacturing: U.S. Mint
Metal: Gold
Weight: 4.17 gr

Quarter Eagle

Year: 1908
Manufacturing: U.S. Mint
Metal: Gold
Weight: 4.17 gr

frequently asked questions

What does Artorus stand for?
Artorus is a contraction between Art and the ancient Egyptian god Orus (Horus) who was believed to be the father of himself.
Artorus mission ?
From NFT beginners to collectors, our mission is to enable everyone to access the world of NFTs guaranteed by physical gold and silver ancient coins. By pioneering the tangible NFT market, our mission is to empower everyone to own, collect or trade certified historical coins series in the same way you buy sneakers on smartphone
Why Artorus works exclusively with ancient coins?
We consider that only coins that are no longer minted are no longer prejudicial to human exploitation/condition, deforestation and soil pollution
What about check vaults content and coins expertises ?
Reports will be continuously published and given in opensource on our website. You will find updates of our vault contents, as well as coin authentications and expertise reports. Later, some NFT owners will participate in community audits
Can I get the physical coin and keep my NFT ?
YES you can! You will receive a new NFT (identical but not Guaranteed by Artorus). Proceed to the exchange NFT -> physical coin (Make sure your residency country is eligible to receive precious metal) and request a Non-Guaranteed NFT. This NFT will be issued by Artorus, identical to the initial NFT, but not Guaranteed by Artorus. It will be the certificate of authenticity of the physical coin and must be sold simultaneously with the physical coin
What is an NFT? 
NFT = Non Fungible Token. They are unique cryptographic digital tokens that have their own values and features. To make a long story short, NFTs represent a title of ownership and/or authenticity of a physical or digital good. Today, most NFTs are digital Art authenticated on the blockchain. This makes NFTs tamper-proof, guaranteeing the exclusive ownership of the digital asset
Digital Vs. Physical
- Digital: Artorus
- Physical: Gold & Forex International => The management of the physical stock owned by Artorus is entirely settled by Gold & Forex International located in Brussels (Belgium) and Luxembourg. Their management is Ultra-secure, frequently audited, and outside the banking system, meaning that gold is really to its owners. All coins are certified by an expert.
Why should you buy digitized gold or silver coins?
Comparatively to physical coins, tokens provide huge advantages, such as: 
• Immediate purchase 
• Watch and share your collection 
• Secure in a private wallet 
• No shipping fees 
• No constraint related to physical storage (risky and costly) 
• Exchangeable at any time and anywhere through the blockchain technology 
• Give to your children and grand-children wherever they are
Why should you buy our NFTs?
• Get special coins of limited edition 
• Certified NFT : Buy 100% Certified NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain 
• Guaranteed NFT : Buy NFTs 100% Guaranteed by physical coins 
First fair and environmentally friendly investment : Because we exclusively digitize historical coins and work on a green blockchain, our NFTs have no impact on the planet or on people’s lives 
• First way to do both: invest in a safe asset & bet on the future of NFTs 
• Our NFTs are not subject to taxes on precious metal taxes 
• We do not charge any custody/physical storage fees 
• More secure in your wallet than physically at home 
• Benefit from one of the best precious metal manager in Europa (through our partnership with Gold & Forex International).
What are my advantages for owning an NFT compared to physical coins?
You will save: 
• Annual storage and insurance fees
• Costs auction fees 
• Audits 
• Coin expertises 
• Shipping fees 
• Taxes on precious metal 
• Taxes on numismatic coins 
• NFT minting 

& you will gain in
Tranquility: outside the banking system 
Satisfaction: Cool and Interactive way to watch and share your collection 
Security: private wallet 
Convenience: No constraint related to physical storage (risky and costly) 
Accessibility: Exchangeable at any time and anywhere through the blockchain technology 
Opportunity: By owning NFTs, you are participating and betting on the HUGE upcoming growth of these digital assets.
Do you want to develop your financial assets?
Get a custom set of golden and silver NFTs with a lovely price for early investors.
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