Gold and silver
coins into liquid

Physical gold & silver coins investment through the blockchain

We remove constraints. You invest in gold and silver coins from your phone.

Gold and silver coins have always been one of the safest inflation-hedging investments. But they require insurance, transport, storage and so on.
Not anymore: we digitize them into liquid assets that we call e-coins.

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☑️ Digitization of coins through a proprietary blockchain-based protocol.
☑️ Issuance of e-coins certificates.
☑️ Storage in secured vault by our leading numismatic partners. Physical coins are the property of Artorus until you claim for a redeem.

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How does it work?

Artorus owns each physical coin and manages all the physical constraints.


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Purchase your e-coins by credit card or in crypto.



You receive your certified e-coins directly into your private Wallet
If you do not already have a Wallet, you will automatically get one with your email address.



The physical coins guaranteeing the e-coins are stored in a secured vault.



You can request to exchange your e-coin for the physical coin at any time.
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Why Artorus?

Our company is registered in France.
We digitize gold and silver coins through a greener blockchain Polygon

Secured in vault

Our partner's vault is located in Brussels. Experts in precious metals and numismatics, take care of the entire management of the coins.
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Exchange to
physical coin

At any time, e-coin owners can request an exchange for the physical counterpart coin (See our Exchange Conditions).

Serenity & Authenticity

All physical coins are guaranteed in quality and authenticity

Blockchain network

Artorus' e-coins are built on Ethereum or Polygon blockchains, allowing the best accessibility to users and secure transactions.


As NFTs, our digitized coins are not subject to precious metal taxes. We do not charge any physical storage fees. You are free to hold, buy, sale at any time. Users only pay the network transaction fees and NFT taxes if applicable.


What does Artorus stand for?
Artorus is a contraction between Art and the ancient Egyptian god Orus (Horus) who was believed to be the father of himself.
Why Artorus works exclusively with ancient coins?
We consider that only coins that are no longer minted are no longer prejudicial to human exploitation/condition, deforestation and soil pollution
How can I request an exchange for the physical coin?
An exchange requires a KYC verification (as for any transaction involving precious metals) and acceptance of shipping and handling costs (a quote is sent). The e-coin is then burnt and the physical coin is sent to its new owner.
Can I get the physical coin and keep my e-coin ?
After an exchange, or if already own a physical coin, you can ask to receive a Non-Guaranteed e-coin. This e-coin will be issued by Artorus, identical to the initial e-coin, but not Guaranteed by Artorus. It can be the certificate of authenticity of the physical coin you own and must be sold simultaneously with the physical coin.
What type of e-coins are sold by Artorus? 
In addition of being Artwork, any circulating e-coin issued by Artorus with the mention "Guaranteed by" or "Exchangeable for" is an exclusive right of exchange. Other e-coins issued by Artorus are only digital Artworks not giving any exchange right.
Why should you buy digitized gold or silver coins?
Comparatively to physical coins, tokens provide huge advantages, such as: 
• Immediate purchase 
• Watch and share your collection 
• Secure in a private wallet 
• No shipping fees 
• No constraint related to physical storage (risky and costly)
• No taxes related to precious metal
• Exchangeable at any time and anywhere through the blockchain technology 
• Give to your children and grand-children wherever they are.
Why should you buy our NFTs?
• Get special coins of limited edition 
• Buy 100% Certified e-coins on Polygon Blockchain 
• Buy NFTs 100% Guaranteed by physical coins 
First fair and environmentally friendly investment : Because we exclusively digitize historical coins and work on a green blockchain, our NFTs have no impact on the planet or on people’s lives 
• First way to do both: invest in a safe asset & bet on the future of NFTs 
• Our e-coins are not subject to taxes on precious metal 
• We do not charge any custody/physical storage fees 
• More secure in your wallet than physically at home 
• Benefit from one of the best precious metal manager in Europa (through our partnerships with Gold & Forex International and Numiscorner).
What are my advantages for owning an e-coin compared to physical coins?
You will save: 
• Annual storage and insurance fees
Costs auction fees 
• Audits 
• Coin expertises 
• Shipping fees 
• Taxes on precious metal 
• Taxes on numismatic coins

& you will gain in
Tranquility: outside the banking system 
Satisfaction: Cool and Interactive way to watch and share your collection 
Security: private wallet 
Convenience: No constraint related to physical storage (risky and costly) 
Accessibility: Exchangeable at any time and anywhere through the blockchain technology 
Opportunity: By owning e-coins, you are participating and betting on the HUGE upcoming growth of these digital assets.
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